The Meatball Factory Intends to ‘Shame’ the Meatball Shop


As go burgers, so, too, go meatballs.

EV Grieve brings news that the old Nathan’s/Arthur Treacher’s on the corner of 14th Street and Second Avenue will soon be home to the (tentatively named) Meatball Factory, an establishment from the owners of Destino, a Southern Italian restaurant in Turtle Bay.

And yes, there’s a reason the name may bring to mind that other meatball-centric eatery 15 blocks south: A rep for the restaurant said its menu and price points will be similar to the Meatball Shop’s. And they’re apparently not shy about comparisons: One worker at the restaurant’s site said its meatballs “will put the Meatball Shop to shame.” Well, at least they know an easy publicity ploy when they see one.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on July 20, 2011


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