Alexander McQueen Show: When’s The Best Time To Go?


Everyone on earth wants to see “Savage Beauty,” the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s show spanning Alexander McQueen‘s career of dark, bold invention.

Well, if you want to get in with less of a wait, it’s best to go Friday or Saturday at around 7 p.m. — or you can pay $50 and go on Monday, when the place is otherwise closed.

The exhibit — which runs till August 7 — takes you through McQueen’s garmenting genius, complete with works of dramatic severity, often accessorized with black leather masks or medieval headdresses made of gold coins.

There’s a room of one-off accessories and runway items and another one filled with plaid ensembles, all representing the rape of Scotland. “Who raped them?” I asked my friend, who knows such things. “England,” he responded. “Well, at least some good fashion came out of it!” I blurted.

There are outfits made of feathers, mussel shells, and gryphon wings, with a peacock for the head or maybe just a nest of eggs.

The most captivating image of all might be the hologram of Kate Moss — it’s so tiny, like she’s been reduced by Willy Wonka — and the most absurd might be the “latex dress with locusts, McQueen’s statement on famine.” It cost tens of thousands of dollars.

What a kook. Too bad he’s not alive to see this.