Con Edison Warns New Yorkers: There May Be Outages


Con Edison is asking everyone to pitch in and maybe turn off some lights and stop blending so many frozen margaritas or taking elevators up and down just for fun, because things could get bad in this heat. The word that must not be named here is “blackout.” Yes. Remember when the lights went out in August of 2003, or July of 1977, or November of 1965? When things stopped being polite, and started getting really sweaty? Friday will be hotter than today (it’s expected to feel like 110 degrees) thanks to the heat dome, so…Con Ed is bracing what they expect to be a “series of outages” — not a blackout, mind you — around NYC. As of Thursday afternoon, reports the Wall Street Journal, “no unusual instances of electricity losses had occurred, but that is likely to change,” officials said. Likely to change?

This should be obvious, but turn off your A.C. when you leave the house, okay? At home, officials say, consumers can help by keeping their air conditioners at a moderate level and turning them off when they leave the house. Consumers should probably also stock the house with booze (and water!) just in case.

Also, the Red Cross has some tips for you for blackout preparation.

Related: In a kindness from the MTA, oh sweet generous souls, some A trains are being diverted and running all the way to Rockaway Beach without a transfer, to cut down on crowding. Make sure you have SPF!

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