Do or Dine Will Keep Right on Serving Its Foie Gras Doughnuts


Surprise! Do or Dine is going to keep on serving the foie gras doughnuts that have enraged animal rights activists and xenophobes alike.

Luke Jackson, the co-owner of the relatively new Bed-Stuy restaurant, told Bed-Stuy Patch that “we’re not married to having the item on the menu, but we’re definitely married to doing what we want to do,” which in this case is feeding customers doughnuts stuffed with engorged goose livers.

Regarding the petition against his doughnuts, which has accrued 1,072 signatures, Jackson said it “was started by a young woman in Main [sic]. She has no idea what our business is; she knows nothing about this community nor what we’re trying to do. … So I think for her to try to disrupt a brand-new business for her own moralistic intentions … I take more exception to that than I do to her stance on foie gras.” Given her location, one can only imagine her stance on lobster rolls.

[Via Grub Street]