Murdoch’s Wife A Hero? Please!


People got so bored with the Murdoch Parliament hearings that when his wife, Wendi Deng, jumped up and slapped a protester armed with a shaving-cream pie, Deng went from sidebar to superhero, and dullish proceedings instantly became hot TV.

Defiant Deng — who was born into poverty in a small town in China — has gotten kudos as fiercely not-to-be-messed-with, while even Rupert garnered a little sympathy, sort of the way Anita Bryant did when the homophobic orange-juice peddler was creamed way back in the dark days.

According to this article, Deng is now viewed as fiercely protective of her man, and someone blogged that “people are starting to see the ‘gold digger’ differently. … Wendi Deng has redefined Tiger Mom.”

So all it takes to go from absolute horror to triumphant hero is having a natural instinct that says slap back when someone tries to slam you?

You simply react like a wronged virago and suddenly you’re bigger than the Green Lantern, better than Captain America, and even more of a professional victim than Sarah Palin?

Fine, she’s a hero, OK? Absolutely world changing!

But the Murdoch empire still implicitly condoned phone hacking, evidence tampering, and other corruption on a massive level.

And there’s no way to slap me for saying that!