Shortline Bus Drops The Ball On Dealing With Their Homophobia


Remember when singer Ari Gold told us
he was asked to move to the back of the Shortline Bus because he was holding hands with his boyfriend?

And the driver even called over a state trooper, who said nothing wrong was going on and the guy should just keep on driving?

Well, Shortline’s George Grieve sent us a bullshit letter saying there would be an investigation into the terrible incident and all would be dealt with.

But nothing was!

Gold reports that he has not gotten an apology, an assurance that the driver was properly disciplined, or some kind of communication stating that this won’t happen again.

He hasn’t even gotten a refund of his bus tickets!

We will not let this drop, Shortline.

And we will not ride your buses until this is properly dealt with.

No bluff.