Terroir Acknowledges Flub on Food, Promises Grub at Summer of Riesling Concert 2012


Ask and ye shall receive. As we reported yesterday, the Summer of Riesling Concert 2011 was a lovely, German-wine-soaked Tuesday evening on a boat. The only problem: This celebration of wines with razor-sharp acidity didn’t provide food (which acidity inevitably leads one to crave). Not to worry. Next year, the folks at Terroir, who organized the event, promise to rectify the situation.

An email sent around today states:

We brought 30 cases of wine aboard for the night and consumed more than a bottle per person — well done! You certainly made the Riesling gods proud. From the feedback we’ve already received, the only thing that could have put our event completely over the top was food; we have heard you, and, next year, we will do right by you and provide some nibbles.

Not much more you can ask for, really. Maybe a slow dance with the German Wine Queen?