Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Restaurant Wedding Venues in NYC


As of this Sunday, July 24, same-sex couples can finally wed in New York. Hurrah! Of course, summertime is wedding season for couples of all sorts. And so, in honor of — dare we say it? — plain ol’ universal love, we are celebrating Wedding Week here at FitR.

Indeed, two people joining in holy matrimony is a wonderful thing. But planning a wedding is not always so. We hope to help alleviate the inevitable stress of it with Our 10 Best Restaurant Wedding Venues in NYC. Stay tuned as we reveal our top choices for where to host foodie nuptials in the city tomorrow. We’re grading these venues not only on eats, but also according to what they offer brides and grooms (bang for buck, say) and how special or original they are. In other words, they’re where we might get married someday … (sigh). As usual, if you have your own recommendations, send them on in.