Wedding Cake Makers Dish on the Weirdest Cakes They’ve Ever Made


We were quite intrigued by the notion that someone would order a sperm-whale wedding cake from Ron Ben-Israel. Really, a sperm whale? Because you know that is the only thing people will be talking about 10 years after your wedding. Not your dress. Not your ceremony. Just your weird-ass whale wedding cake. But then we realized there must be even odder cakes. So we got in touch with several other cake designers around town to learn about their kookiest creations.

“I have done many off-the-beaten path wedding cakes,” noted Jill Adams of the Cake Studio. “The first that comes to mind is the couple’s dog on a dog bed. I have also done sneakers in which the laces intertwine into a heart, a Day of the Dead wedding cake, and a vet.” Adams couldn’t recall what kind of dog, but said that it was white and fluffy, possibly a Maltese. At least white and fluffy resembles the majority of wedding cakes, right?

And dog wedding cakes are actually a trend! Lauri Ditunno, a baker who runs the company Cake Alchemy, recently made a wedding cake covered in paws and doggie biscuits. Now, dogs might be man’s best friend. But seriously, people, they aren’t your husbands!!!

“The best fit is an Edward Gorey-inspired cake in black and white with a gothic sugar doll holding a noose on top [pictured above],” noted Elizabeth Hodes, who owns a company that bears her name. “There’s a skeleton lying across and it’s based on the drawings.” A wedding cake with a noose on it! That’s not a good omen whatsoever! But according to Hodes, the cake was “a huge hit.” After all, the bride and groom had wanted a wedding that would be a “reflection of us, our lifestyle, and our obsession with Halloween, darkness, all things black, skeletons, and candles.” In terms of actual cake flavors, however, Hodes explains that tie-dyeing is becoming somewhat popular; the cake will be traditional white, but the batters are dyed rainbow-colored and baked using a marbling technique. “When they bake they’ll create a tie-dye effect,” she said.

Nicolle Rodriguez, a pastry chef who owns Cakes by Nicolle, said that she doesn’t have that many requests for weird cakes, but that her “boob cake” would be appropriate for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Because who doesn’t want to eat a set of knockers (nipples included) made out of vanilla cake!