Zak Pelaccio ‘In’ at Food Republic; Joey Boroski ‘In’ at Ember Room


Zak Pelaccio is the latest chef turned online columnist. Like Sara Jenkins of Porchetta and Porsena, who pens essays for Atlantic Life, the Fatty Crab and ‘Cue founder will be writing The Alimentary Canal for the Marcus Samuelsson-backed Food Republic. His co-contributor is colleague Jori Jayne Emde. [Food Republic]

Grant Achatz has announced that he’ll be offering other chefs’ menus at Next, including, say, a French Laundry menu or an El Bulli one. [Gilt Taste]

Ember Room has enlisted a new bar chef (that’s bartender to the plebes). Joey Boroski, who was previously employed at Pop Burger, Monkey Bar, and 60 Thompson. [FitR]

Thanks to this handy family-tree diagram, we’re able to conclude that pretty much every major chef around can trace his or her roots to Le Cirque. [Eater]