Bed Bugs Have Tripled in Public Schools


Bed bugs, we haven’t heard much of you this summer. So, you had a party in a Staten Island jail. At least you aren’t invading our (well, the tourists’) clothing stores. But now we find you’re running rampant in schools? Don’t you have hearts in those little, brown, blood-sucking bodies? (No.) The Daily News reports that your appearances in public schools have tripled this past school year from the one before. As if attempting to latch your gross selves onto children isn’t enough, classrooms, their libraries, and “teaching materials” have all become victims of the methods of your eradication. Think of the children, bed bugs! Think of them! They need to learn! A Department of Education spokeswoman told the Daily News that schools are “not hospitable environments” for you. Hear that? They don’t want you! [NYDN]