High Today Is 101 Degrees, Heat Index at 110; Con Ed Reduces Power in Queens, Westchester; Author Writes Scratch-N-Sniff Book of NYC


• You already know it’s hot, but did you know it will be 101 degrees today? It will! Plus: the heat index will be 110. Let’s make this a drinking game. Whenever someone says it’s hot, drink. Hydrate accordingly, lest you die. [Weather]

• Here’s a list of cooling centers. []

• Con Ed has reduced power to “tens of thousands” in Queens and Westchester as a precaution to protect equipment and keep service intact while crews work to fix electrical equipment problems. 107,000 customers in Maspeth, as well as 29,000 in Westchester, have been affected. [NYP]

• Hey, people who work outside have it worse than you do. [NYT]

• Protesters are once again fighting against having a Walmart in the city. [NY1]

• A woman is suing for being kicked off a JetBlue flight after being accused of not wearing panties. (She was, and shorts, too.) [NYDN]

• Inspired by the counteracting smells of delicious pizza and disgusting horse manure, Amber Jones has written a scratch-n-sniff children’s book called New York, Phew York: A Scratch-N-Sniff Adventure. She’s seeking donations on Kickstarter to fund the project. [DNA Info]