Justin Timberlake Gay Jokes! Lots Of Them!


They’re in the new romantic comedy Friends With Benefits, in which Justin and Mila Kunis try to have sex with no strings attached and find that the expected complications develop.

I enjoyed the film a lot, especially the snappy and clever first half, but it’s both halves where you find a stream of cracks about whether Justin’s character is gay.

The film starts — SPOILER ALERT — with Justin’s girlfriend dumping him and remembering the time she applied her finger to his anus. He reminds her that he didn’t want her to go that far inside!

Then co-worker Woody Harrelson, who’s gay, assumes Justin is, too, and asks if he wants to go out “trolling for cock”!!!

When Justin talks about his teen years, Mila says, “Were you also gay back then?” Replies Justin, “Harry Potter doesn’t make you gay!”

Later, Mila meets a cute guy and says to Justin, “I told him you were my gay best friend and he wants to set you up with his brother.”

Wait, there’s more!

She also encourages Justin to talk with her like “two girls over drinks at Bennigan’s.” “God, you’re such a girl!” she says in another scene.

Even Justin’s little nephew chimes in, saying, “You and your gay Harry Potter!”

It’s relentless!

Is this all designed to address the pink elephant in the room?

Whatever the case, he and Mila are extremely appealing.