Milk’s ‘Got PMS?’ Campaign Is Declared Past Its Sell-by Date


A mere 10 days after it launched a series of ads equating milk with the idea that women are hormone-crazed nutjobs, the California Milk Processor Board has retired its “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign. Or you might say it “Got Clue.”

According to The New York Times, an outpouring of criticism led the milk board and its advertising agency, Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners, to kill the campaign, which asserted that “milk can help reduce symptoms of PMS” and featured ads and a website depicting victimized men desperately trying to calm their irrational and emotionally unstable womenfolk with dairy products.

The website, which featured “preapproved apologies” and “advice” along the lines of “Be on high alert for verbal traps and questions about weight,” has been replaced by It features a sort-of mea culpa that reads, in part, “Over the past couple of week, regrettably, some people found our campaign about milk and PMS to be outrageous and misguided — and we apologize to those we offended. Others thought it funny and educational.”

There’s not actually any discussion to be found on the site — just clips from articles attacking or supporting the original campaign. The Got Milk? Facebook page is another story, having attracted numerous vegans who are using it as platform to convince everyone of the evils of dairy.

The executive director of the California Processor Milk Board told the Times that the campaign was “not a failure in any way. I don’t see it as ending it or pulling the plug.” He can tell himself whatever he wants to, so long as he doesn’t attempt to inflict another nuanced dialogue about gender, “science,” and biology on the rest of us.