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Here we sit at the end of another, fantastically sweaty week. And so we look back, and sweat some more.

Our 10 Best Restaurant Wedding Venus in NYC.

A battle of the iced coffees: the Mud Truck v. Think Coffee.

A look at Bien Cuit’s beauteous tarts and excellent zucchini sandwich.

Wedding-cake bakers have baked some really weird cakes.

A dozen places to eat after your wedding at City Hall.

Wedding-cake guru Ron Ben-Israel talks about sperm-whale cakes, bridezillas, and the parallels between making wedding cakes and dancing.

Where’s a trendy place to take my boss for lunch?

Draft master Lukas Svoboda talks about Czech beer, good head, and his lifetime supply of Pilsner Urquell.

There are only so many ways to talk about food without sounding like a nitwit.

Our 10 ugliest wedding cakes.

Make the pan-roasted trout Charles Brassard serves at Café Colette.

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