The Game Crams An Entire Mixtape’s Worth Of Disses And References Into Four Minutes


It doesn’t twist the “Try A Little Tenderness” sample used by the song its title’s piggybacking off, but the Game’s “Uncle Otis” is full of peevish references to recent happenings in hip-hop and pop—Tyler, The Creator (who he claims to have “created,” because he’s clearly looking for a Twitter fight); Lupe Fiasco; Kreayshawn; the Jennifer Lopez-Marc Anthony split; Frank Ocean—and, of course, to the relative age of Jay-Z and Kanye West. He also quotes from Beyoncé’s “Run The World (Girls),” Lil Wayne’s “6’7″” and “How To Love,” and Miguel’s “Sure Thing” (although come to think of it, it might be Weezy’s cover of the same). Oh, and he also makes reference to Detox being in the works for a long time, which, no offense, but that might not be the best thing to lightly mock given his own recent trials?

Really hoping that once The R.E.D. Album finally drops, he goes all retro and starts reading Soundscan numbers over beats again:

And speaking of the “Otis” flip, someone’s already released the song’s instrumental into the online wild, so expect a bunch of other freestylers to join Papoose as this heat-choked day rolls along.

[HT for the “Otis” instrumental: Miss Info]