Dish No. 76: Green and Yellow Vine Beans at Beecher’s — The Cellar


We had popped into cheese mecca Beecher’s on its opening day and checked out the grub at the shop’s ground-level café. Enjoying our sandwich and mac, we recently ventured back in for a visit to sample the food at the lounge-y, subterranean restaurant. While most of the offerings bulk up on dairy, one of the best plates we tried was actually the cheese-less vine-bean salad.

In this slightly warm, $9 summery side, green and yellow vine beans tangle together, with small tomatoes peeking through. Well-seasoned and with just enough crunch, this dish makes an ideal counterpart to the heavier, cheesier fare. We’re in prime green-bean season, so eat it while you can. Like all good things in life, this dish won’t be around forever. Or if it is, it won’t be as good as it is now.