Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Officially Legal in New York State [Breaking]


Happy Same-Sex Sunday! As of this moment, same-sex marriage is legal in New York State. Right about now Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd just said “I do!” in front of Niagara Falls. In the next 24 hours, the City of New York expects to break the record for weddings in a single day, planning to join over 800 couples in civil marriage. If you’re still reading this, Armageddon has not yet befallen the Empire State, even though Westboro Baptist Church warned that, “For their defiance of their Lord, New Yorkers will suffer the wrath of God being poured out on them from the sky.” (As our favorite commentor of the week put it, we “cant wait for wrath to pour from the sky in the form of cold air. It’s frickin’ hot!!!!“)

To mark this historic occasion, your Village VoiceRunnin’ Scared team will be covering the scenes from all five boroughs, where Marriage Bureaus will be open. For the latest on both protests and marital bliss, follow Rosie Gray, Jen Doll, Harry Siegel, Esther Zuckerman, Zoe So and yours truly on Twitter. There’s been a lot of sad news this weekend. But despite any haters, we’re looking forward to a great deal of good news and happiness we can report on today for a change, right here from New York City, the greatest city in the greatest state in the world.

Stay tuned!

Update: Kitty and Cheryle have officially been named wife and wife by the State of New York!