Twins Are Volunteer Flower Girls For Brooklyn Same-Sex Marriages


More stuff from Steven Thrasher: that’s Steve Landis and Julie Irwin, who brought their 4-year-old twins Emily and Sophie to Brooklyn Borough Hall this morning to be flower girls for whoever might need them. They don’t even know anyone getting married today! Aw.

Update, 11:52 p.m.: After the jump: a statement from the twins’ dad!

A lot of people were wondering whether the girls were in any weddings today; turns out they were! From their father Steve:

We went with our 4 year old twin daughters this morning to serve as volunteer flower girls at Brooklyn’s Municipal Building and Borough Hall. We didn’t know anyone getting married but thought it would be fun and interesting. It was very exciting and emotional for all. As adults, we view marriage equality as our generation’s civil rights struggle and wanted to be there at the making of history and to have our daughters watch and participate in this very special occasion. From their perspective, we explained that yesterday only boys and girls could marry. But today, now boys can marry boys, and girls can marry girls. They understood what we told them and woke up this morning and asked if today was the day for the weddings. They had a great time serving as flower girls.

We arrived at Brooklyn Borough Hall at 845am. Given the size of the crowd, we weren’t sure if the girls would get picked but we took lots of pictures with couples. We took photos with a male couple for their ceremonial photos, along with Borough President Marty Markowitz. Near the end, a very nice male couple asked them to join in for their wedding ceremony in Borough Hall. It was the female minister’s first ever wedding (she had just been ordained) and I served as a witness. The minister wanted a photo with the “Mazel Tov & Many Nachas” sign, which was pretty amusing. Most importantly, we very much appreciated the male couple allowing us to participate in their wedding and were honored to be a part of their special day. It was an extraordinary moment to see such joy, which was highlighted by their getting so emotional at the end.

Just in: Here’s a shot of the twins with Alex Bertrand and Jeremy Price, the first couple who took photos with Emily and Sophie inside Brooklyn Borough Hall.

And also: here are the twins with grooms Edwin Ramos and Taz Vallas and Pastor Ann Kansfield.