A Smurftastic Night in 3D


The gala premiere for The Smurfs in 3-D happened last night at the Ziegfeld, and as the talent arrived, I thought, “This is the gay-friendliest children’s film in history.

“And it’s on the first day of gay marriage in New York. Smurftastic.”

In came Neil Patrick Harris, Alan Cumming, Tim Gunn … and myself.

(Yes, I have a quickie cameo. I’ll write more about it in an upcoming column.)

The film even humorously borrows a line from Brokeback Mountain.

But Neil Patrick Harris happens to play a straight married guy with a baby on the way, and he’s pretty historic at it.

Remember when people said an out gay male couldn’t do that and get away with it?

“But what about Neil Patrick Harris?” I’d always reply.

“But he’s on TV,” they’d whine in response.

Well, now he’s in movies, too. Shut up, oh naysayers.

Anyway, smurf’s up. Enjoy.