Cabbies Don’t Want to Pick Up Bleeding People, Either


Since it is something of a precious and rare cabbie who will happily make the jaunt from Manhattan to Brooklyn — much less pick up anyone he or she decides he doesn’t want to pick up, for whatever reason — it’s really no surprise that a number of cabbies didn’t look kindly upon a bleeding man who was shot in a Harlem housing project and tried to hail a cab this morning. The guy stumbled into the street and ran two blocks to try to get a ride to the hospital, yet was denied by four cabs in 15 minutes. Finally, an ambulance took him to Harlem Hospital. Fortunately, his injuries were not life-threatening. However, this should put some perspective on your next all-consuming and dramatic struggle to get a taxi to the airport in rush hour.

(Note: some cab drivers are really quite nice!)