Carlos Cancel Saves Second Drunk Man on Subway Tracks


An essential New York City question is this: What would you do if someone fell on the subway tracks in front of you? Jump in and save the person? Make a call? It’s a difficult question for most of us, but if previous actions are any indication, one that Carlos Cancel can answer in a heartbeat. The doorman from the Bronx has now saved two drunk men after they have fallen onto the tracks, the Daily News reports. Early Friday morning Cancel was waiting for an uptown 2 train at the 72nd Street station when he jumped to saved a stumbling man who fell “face-first.” The man weighed about 10 pounds more than Cancel, and was four inches taller. “I scooped him up like a baby, like cradling him with his head on my arm and supporting his legs,” Cancel told the Daily News. “And I swung him really hard — I basically threw him up onto the platform.”

In 1992 Cancel performed a similar feat 34th Street. Wow, just wow. Kudos.