Is It Time to Tax Junk Food?; Sex Toys Replace Food in Trucks


Studies time and again reveal that foods high in sugar and fat and that are processed are bad for our health. Mark Bittman says it’s time to start taxing them.
[NY Times]

Could the potato be fattening? We know that fries are, but a new study shows that ordinary potatoes eaten in moderation could also lead to weight gain.
[Sydney Morning Herald]

If state Sen. Michael Nozzolio has his way, sweet yellow corn will soon become New York’s official vegetable.
[NY Post]

Daniel and Derek Koch of the Day & Night parties at the Oak Room are suing the owner for $1 million for breaking their three-year agreement.
[NY Post]

Trojan is hopping on the food-truck craze with its Good Vibrations sex-toy truck, which will peddle vibrators around Manhattan and Brooklyn later this week.
[Ad Age]

Radiation poisoning has become a growing threat to Japan’s food chain as unsafe levels of cesium are found in beef, vegetables, and the ocean.