Purbird to Offer Purely Chicken-Focused Menu


We weren’t sure what to expect from Purbird, at the corner of Sixth Avenue and St. Marks in Park Slope, when we first spotted its signage last month. An updated promo in the window has let the cat — or should we say, chicken, har har — out of the bag.

Purbird is not only promising to offer “Brooklyn’s best” flame-grilled chicken — free-range, hormone-free, and vegetarian-fed, of course — it also has plans to peddle chicken burgers, chicken sausages, chicken sandwiches, and chicken pot pies. While it’s pretty ambitious to open a restaurant where everything tastes like chicken, it’s a welcome change from all the pork palaces that have cropped up lately. And, who knows, maybe chicken will be the new duck (which is the new pig, or haven’t you heard?).