Whole Foods Is ‘Kind of a Faux-Hippy Wal-Mart Now’


So apparently labor organizers and proponents of health care reform aren’t the only ones disillusioned with Whole Foods.

Gawker recently obtained a 2,300-word resignation letter written by a now-former employee of Toronto’s Whole Foods and sent to the entire company. It’s an entertaining if long-winded read, one that will provide a measure of catharsis for anyone who’s dreamed of doing something similar and validation to those skeptical of the corporation’s “Core Values.”

Among Whole Foods’ numerous sins, the writer alleges: not recycling properly, wasting “an absurd amount of energy, ink, and paper in your offices for bureaucratic nonsense,” not auditing and evaluating all of its products, and giving better discounts to “healthier” (i.e., non-smoking) employees. Long story short, Whole Foods is “kind a faux hippy Wal-Mart now.”

The letter also includes some nasty but fairly amusing personal attacks on numerous co-workers and concludes with the exhortation to “Just enjoy life. It’s pretty short, you know?” As exposés of Whole Foods go, it’s not particularly revolutionary, but as resignation letters go, it’s pretty impressive.

[Via Eater]