Bubby’s Offends the Nostrils of Its Tribeca Neighbors


Ah, to live in Tribeca, where the smell of a restaurant becomes a community’s rallying cry.

A neighbor of Bubby’s, a longtime neighborhood comfort-food mecca, emailed The Tribeca Citizen to complain that the restaurant’s trash, which was smeared over the sidewalk and street, made its immediate vicinity smell “like a slaughterhouse.”

And so flyers proclaiming “Bubby’s stinks up the neighborhood!” were circulated. “The odor is harmful to our health and impacts our quality of life,” it read in part. “We are tired of excuses. … We want this fixed now!”

Bubby’s owner, Ron Silver, told the publication that the problem comes from the garbage truck, which “leaks liquid out into the street when it compresses our garbage.” While the restaurant steam-cleaned its sidewalk, he said, there was little it could do about the street.

Ah, but Tribeca’s residents will take no excuses, and one went so far as to suggest that DOH restaurant inspectors grade the sidewalks, too: “If you fail to keep your sidewalk non-scuzzy, face getting a B or a C. Imagine how much better downtown (and Chinatown and Midtown) would be!” And imagine the new heights of absurdity to which restaurant inspections could aspire! And how much better off some people would be in Singapore!