Don Cheadle, Brendan Gleeson, And A Telegram From Jerry Lewis


They were all in the same room at yesterday’s Friars Club event declaring Cheadle and Gleeson the best buddy-comedy duo for their work in the fish-out-of-water romp The Guard.

A high point came when a message was read from French favorite Jerry Lewis saying that he knows from buddy comedies and only one of the duo can be the pretty one, only one can get the girl, and only one can be the smart one.

“But,” added Jerry, “when it’s done right, both can be the funny one.”

And, he added, that’s the case in The Guard.

“Is this award better than the Oscar?” I asked Gleeson, eyebrows raised.

“Absolutely,” he replied, laughing. “Jerry Lewis — he’s a hero.”

Besides, we got a free lunch.

And during that very lunch, The Guard‘s writer-director, John Michael McDonagh, told me that the only desired location that wouldn’t let them shoot in was a church, because of the script’s drug references.

“Oh, so pedophilia is OK, but not drugs?” I cracked.

“I was gonna make a joke about that in the film,” admitted McDonagh, “but then I thought, ‘Too soon.'”