Newfangled Clinton Hill Taqueria Cochinita Devastated by Fire


Thanks to Joe Coscarelli for the breaking news that Cochinita — a new taqueria on Fulton Street in Clinton Hill, named after a Yucatecan specialty of sour-orange-marinated pork cooked in a banana leaf — has suffered a severe fire.

The place had been open less than six months, and already established a sterling reputation in the neighborhood for hand-patted fresh tortillas, and pungent taco fillings.

Coscarelli reported that firefighters on the scene didn’t know yet if the blaze originated in the building housing Cochinita, or in the one to the west, which houses Trinidadian restaurant Soulé, which also appears to be damaged, or the one to the east, which houses a reggae record store.

More news as it becomes available. Calls to the restaurant’s telephone have gone unanswered.

In the meantime, following are some photos taken recently at the taqueria.

The facade in early June, unblemished by fire

The somewhat cramped interior

The eponymous cochinita pibil taco