NYC Is No Longer The City That Never Sleeps


In fact, it didn’t even rank in the top 10 of’s survey of the world’s most nocturnal, jazzing-till-dawn cities.

Number 10 was Buenos Aires.

9. Seville

8. Valencia

7. Barcelona

6. Madrid

5. Zaragoza

4. Malaga (OK, that’s six cities from Spain in the top 10. Heading there as we speak. But first let me finish this blog, bueno?)

3. Beirut

2. Montevideo

And the most 24-hour city in the world is …



It’s Cairo!

NYC only ranked 32nd, and we tied for that position with …


Kidding! We tied with Marseilles, Palermo, and Montreal.

Quick, somebody change that song to “I want to wake up in the city that sleeps at 12:45.”