Richard Arrocho Tries to Hijack 5 Train With a Screwdriver


And now for the most recent crazy thing that happened on a subway train and was caught on video: A screaming, screwdriver-wielding man claiming that someone with a gun wanted to kill him attempted to hijack a No. 5 train on Friday, getting into the motorman’s cab via its open side window along the tracks. This went down near the 149th Street station in the Bronx, and, as happens in this day in age, some industrious soul — Roland Baker of the Bronx — got it on video, which the Daily News has published, along with this telling poll.

Fourth option: I take the subway in hopes of catching incidents like these on video.

The situation seems to have been rather frightening, not least for the conductor, Darryl George, who was threatened with death by the wannabe screwdriver stabber, a 42-year-old man named Richard Arrocho, who attempted to commandeer the train, Speed-style, to get away from whomever he thought was trying to kill him. Fortunately passengers came to George’s rescue, and George also was able to get Arrocho in a headlock “as the train rumbled down the tracks” — and then escape, leaving Arrocho in the cab by himself. That’s when passengers again got involved, telling Arrocho something that sounds like “open the bloodclot door” and “relax yourself.”

Cops met up with the train at Jackson Avenue and Arrocho, who has a history of mental illness and has been arrested “at least 40 times since 1985,” surrendered without incident, other than everything that just happened, of course.

That’s a memorable commute, to say the least.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Motorman on No. 5 train attacked by screaming man wielding a screwdriver [NYDN via Animal NY]