A-List: New York Star Calls Blogger a Douchebag


The dramatic sparks surrounding Logo’s The A List: New York apparently don’t only happen on-screen.

The show’s new star, Nyasha Zimucha — yes, a female — got into the pesky spirit when berating blogger Mark Russo, who interviewed her at a promo event.

Russo asked Nyasha where the show’s Ryan and T.J. were.

She replied that Ryan’s mother had just passed away, sadly enough, and his best friend, T.J., was grieving with him.

Russo then said he heard their absence might be because they had some problem with the show.

That set Nyasha off to an A-list tantrum.

“Sweetie,” she intoned, “what part of English don’t you understand?

“His mother passed away! Are you human?”

She called Russo a douchebag and parted ways, but not before saying, “I liked you until you said that. Thank you. You’re excused.”

Russo was fired.

Unfortunately, the cameras were not on.