Bridge & Tunnel’s Brianna DeBartoli on Why Male Fidelity Isn’t Possible: “The Little Head Tells the Big Head What To Do”


As this week’s cover story explains in arduous detail, sisters Brianna and Gabriella DeBartoli were effectively the original JWoww and Snooki, two Staten Island siblings involved with the Jersey Shore precursor Bridge & Tunnel. For reasons unknown, MTV execs let Jersey Shore swallow Staten Island whole, shelving the prototype a month before the show was supposed to air, and without explanation, leaving the girls and eight other primary cast members in the lurch. Why they did this remains a mystery, especially since these girls are infinitely quotable.

Like when the DeBartoli siblings didn’t realize they were still contractually forbidden from speaking publicly about Bridge & Tunnel and granted a video interview with Chance TV. Here they profess their love for Perez Hilton, confess to cheating, don’t smack their host when he says he’s going to book them on Maury Povich, and end up expounding on fidelity, which Brianna says she doesn’t think is possible with men. “The little head tells the big head what to do,” she insists. (This was filmed before she was engaged.) And it just gets better from there. Also, poofs!