City Says No to Dressing Up Union Square’s George Washington Statue; Man Sought for Seagull Murder; Ray Kelly for NYC Mayor?


• Leon Reid IV, the artist who’d wanted to dress Union Square’s George Washington statue up like a New York tourist — with camera, I Heart NY hat, and the like — in a project called “Tourist-in-Chief,” has been denied his request to do so by the New York City Parks Department. Reid had accrued more than $3,000 on Kickstarter for his project. [DNA Info]

• A new poll from Quinnipiac University reveals that 23% of city voters would pick Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as their choice for the next mayor of New York City. However, he has given no indication of running. [NYDN]

• A medical study found “insufficient links” between documented cancer cases and toxins from the World Trade Center site, meaning that September 11th first responders who have cancer will continue not to receive health care benefits from the Zadroga health care bill. City politicians have expressed disappointment with this report. [CNN]

• A man is being sought in the death of a seagull in Montauk. He apparently lured gulls with bread, then threw “a rock the size of a brick” at one, which later died. [NBC NY]

• Today at noon the “Bell of Hope” at New York City’s St. Paul’s Chapel will toll to remember the victims of the recent massacres in Norway. [NYP]

Where the rats go, people will follow. (In this case, journalists/Tompkins Square Park.) [Neither More Nor Less]