Larry Kramer Says Gay Marriage Is An Embarrassment


Larry Kramer is the longtime elder statesman-slash-screamer of the gay community, who’s always berating LGBTs — and the world — for taking crumbs of acceptance without fighting for true equality.

And he’s usually right.

The Normal Heart author is appalled that so much fuss is being made about gay marriage having been approved in New York because the reality is, until DOMA is repealed, the marriages won’t be on an equal plane with straight ones as far as rights and acceptance.

Says Larry, “These marriages in whatever state are what I call feelgood marriages.

“Compared to the benefits heterosexual maarriages convey, gay marriages are an embarrassment.”

Larry feels it’s absurd “that we should accept so little, and with so much hoopla of excitement and self congratulation.”

Make you want to scream? Well, don’t.

Larry isn’t a feel-good kind of person.

And if he wants to throw caca at the gay marriage parade, fine.

We need someone to balance things, and besides, he’s right!