Monster Island Has Announced The Date Of Its Farewell Block Party


The Williamsburg multi-headed hydra that is Monster Island—home to, as they note, “Live With Animals, Secret Project Robot Art Space, Kayrock Screenprinting, Todd P. Practice Spaces, Mollusk Surf Shop, Oneida and a multitude of studios and rehearsal spaces”—is, sadly, closing up shop this autumn. Everyone has to be out of the building, which is slated for demolition in November, by October 1, and so the proprietors are planning to make this year’s final installment of the annual Monster Island Block Party—happening all afternoon on Saturday, September 10—a big one. From the Kickstarter page set up to solicit donations for the cause:

This year’s block party will entail over 12 live music performances from building bands and members of bands such as Golden Triangle, Oneida, Man Forever, Soldiers of Fortune, DudknowDub, Cult of Youth, Vaz, K-Holes, Knyfe Hyts, Divine Order of the Blood Witch, TrycryTry and many more. It will host 2 art installations themed “Outer Space the Final Frontier” and “Liquid Gold.” It will also host open studios, an all day BBQ, DJ’s, a video installation in the basement by Robot Death Cult and live music in several practice spaces. We plan to make a memorabilia T-Shirt, poster and tote bag of Monster Island so that our community will have something tangible to remember us by.

Your contribution to this project will ensure that the entire event is free. It will go towards paying performers, printing T-Shirts and totes, setting up a killer PA system on the street, purchasing supplies for 2 art shows and securing the proper permits.

They’re looking for $2,500 in donations and are at about $1,800 at the time of this writing (and you have until August 29 to offer up money).