MTV’s Bridge & Tunnel: Behold The Tremendously Entertaining Trailer for the Original Jersey Shore


In this week’s Village Voice cover story, we introduce you to Gabriella and Brianna DeBartoli, the would-be Staten Island stars of Bridge & Tunnel, a 12-episode reality show that MTV spent millions shooting, but inexplicably shelved at the eleventh hour. After B&T survived three years in development, the only extant clip is the show’s super-trailer, a deliberately sensational last-ditch attempt to distract executive attention away from the cuca-flashing phenomenon Jersey Shore. The video didn’t rescue Bridge & Tunnel from broadcast oblivion, but it did present a far more entertaining version of young outer-borough living than, say, Lifetime’s Brighton Beach version of Jersey Shore, Russian Dolls.

See male cast members swing their fists, vomit, and double-team suck on a beer-funnel shaped like breasts. Watch their female counterparts say “youse” instead of “you,” compliment one another’s cleavage, and toss drinks in peoples’ faces. Observe and wonder why on Earth the Viacom network ever abandoned this goldmine.