On September 10, Governors Island Will Become Pig Island


Even though you’re still probably digesting the spoils of Meatopia, it’s time to start readying your colon for another carnivorous onslaught: On September 10, Pig Island will descend upon Governors Island.

Early-bird tickets are now available for the second annual event, which will take place in the courtyard of Colonels’ Row. Their $60 price tag will get you beer from Sixpoint Craft Ales, wine from New York state, bluegrass music, and a seemingly limitless array of animal parts. As for who will be cooking them, just have a look below.

Heather Carlucci, Print

King Phojankong, Kuma Inn & Umi Nom

Adam Schop, Nuela

Jacques Gautier, Palo Santo

Bobby Helen, Resto

Trina Hahnemann (guest chef from Denmark) and Neuman’s Catering

Michael Ferraro, Delicatessen

Will Horowitz, Ducks Eatery

Chris Rendell and Ryan Butler, Mary Queen of Scots

Michael Jenkins, the Darby

Joe Dobias, JoeDoe

Stephan, the Clerkenwell

Nate Courtland, iCi

John Stage, Dinosaur BBQ

Mary Cleaver, the Cleaver Co., and Brent Sims, the Green Table

Edi and the Wolf

George Weld, Egg Restaurant