Woman’s One Happiness Is Her 1,200 Pairs of Shoes


Here is something we hate at Runnin’ Scared: Stereotypes. Particularly when people embody stereotypes in some desperate, transparent search for self-fulfillment, when really, they could, like, volunteer in a soup kitchen or just go get drunk and cry in their ice cream or something. Anyway! Beth Shak is an attractive 40-something who has a successful career on the professional poker circuit (and she was also on Millionaire Matchmaker, so she a) has enough money/reality TV-mojo to be on that show and b) doesn’t mind the limelight.) Today she’s in the New York Post talking about her ginormous shoe collection, which is described as “enough to put Carrie Bradshaw to shame.”

But before you gag (most of us shame easier than Carrie Bradshaw)…this is actually quite impressive! She has 1,200 pairs of rather expensive size 7 designer shoes. She’s got her eye on a new pair, Louboutins “with googly eyes pasted all over them.” She’s gonna get ’em! (She also has two homes, and she is successful — one must be to afford so many shoes.) But…she is single. If we’ve learned anything from Sex and the City, we’ve learned that a single, childless woman who has a successful career and/or at least some spending money MUST LOVE SHOES. And so it is.

“It’s my one happiness,” said Shak, 41, who is single and has a pad on Park Avenue, along with her primary home in Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Heart. Dies. But, wait, there’s more!

“To me, his shoes are like fine art,” the 5-foot-4½-inch poker ace said of Louboutin, whose heels make her 5-foot-10. “It’s like wearing a piece of jewelry.”


However, and however we feel about this, we should not feel too sorry for Shak, because her self-stereotyping has paid off in the enormous benefits of customer service. That’s right. Louboutin employees now will take special orders from her and let her in on limited edition shoes. Which, really, is a serious and important relationship of its own.

Shoes are not a hobby, ladies.

It’s a whole lotta ‘sole’ [NYP]