Alex Trebek Injured Chasing Woman From Hotel Room; Explosion at Queens Power Plant; Cop Doors Cyclist, Asks If He’s on Drugs


• Jeopardy!‘s Alex Trebek, who is 72 and pretty much a folk hero at this point, appeared yesterday on crutches at the National Geographic World Championship. He had, it seemed, torn his Achilles tendon when he chased a burglar (a 56-year-old woman who was arrested and charged with felony burglary) out of his hotel room in San Francisco at 2:30 in the morning. Lucinda Moyers, the alleged burglar, denies doing anything and says she was arrested “maybe because it was Alex Trebek.” The man is quite powerful, even though the one piece of jewelry he ever wears, a bracelet from his mom, is now missing. [ABC]

• There was a small explosion at the US Power Gen plant on 20th Avenue in Astoria last night. No one was injured, and the explosion was contained to one area, with no fire. The unit affected will be out of service for a while. [NYT]

New York City divorces are up following no-fault separations being adopted by the state last year. There’s a 12 percent increase in filings, though one attorney says it’s just because the economy has improved. Also, because some couples just can’t stand each other. [NYP]

Cops doored a cyclist, knocking him off his bike and injuring him, and then asked if he was on drugs “close to 10 times.” Great police work! [Gothamist]

• Also in police work: Police are conducting sting operations in which they offer bike deliverymen stolen bikes at low prices. In at least three cases, the deliverymen agreed to buy the bikes, and were then arrested. Some people say this is unfair, but NYPD says this just shows deliverymen are “feeding the market” for stolen bikes. [NBC NY]

• There’s a neon peace sign in a window at the top of the Ansonia building on the Upper West Side, and it is annoying residents of the area who find it tacky. Give peace a chance, y’all. [DNA Info]