Anders Behring Breivik’s Possible Jail Cell Resembles Ikea Showroom


Anders Behring Breivik, who is the world’s most recent despicable murderer (in case you’ve been on vacation, he massacred 90-some people last week in two separate instances), may, upon conviction, be spending the next 21 years (the maximum sentence in Norway) in a relatively tranquil spa-like abode, with lots of perks. That is, Halden Prison, which features rock-climbing walls, personal trainers, private bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs (but no HBO). This is because things are civilized in Norway, even in Norway jails, and “depriving a person of their freedom for a period of time is sufficient punishment in itself without any need whatsoever for harsh prison conditions,” a Norwegian prison official told The Daily Mail. Perhaps they have a point, but here in America, we want to see this guy suffer, not enjoy digesting the delectable contents of his mini-fridge, jogging on the nearby trails, jamming with the prison rock band, and skimming through his latest beach read in the comfort of a POÄNG Chair. (Full disclaimer: We don’t know whether the prison has Ikea furniture. In fact, it’s probably nicer.) More photos here, via the Atlantic Wire.