Anderson Cooper’s A Biker Like Me


Anderson Cooper and I have so much in common.

Our moms are world-famous socialites, though mine is only the queen of lower Brooklyn.

Our bodies are in exactly the shape we want them, though in my case, that involves looking like a human beanbag chair.

And we both have connections to the bar Eastern Bloc, though I’m simply an occasional customer, not an intimate part of the family.

And now, it turns out, we both ride bikes like pert little pixies!

New York mag’s Chris Rovzar even pointed out the connection in writing up Anderson’s new talk-show commercial, in which the silver fox talks about how biking may be dangerous but it’s a great way to get through traffic.

Oh, one more parallel: Neither of us wears a helmet!

Because we have silky, luxurious hair, silly.

And basically, we want to get recognized.