Are ‘Hipstras’ the Next Generation of Hipsters? MTV Is Looking for Them in Greenpoint


Miss Heather at NewYorkShitty spotted this poster seeking “Hipstras” in front of T & N Wine & Liquor in Greenpoint yesterday. It may mark a new high in obnoxious terminology. You see, MTV is looking for people, who, given the illustrations lining the borders of the flier, are pretty much “hipsters” in the traditional or stereotypical sense (trucker cap, Jagger haircut, old-school sneakers, ironic ‘stache, black-framed glasses, PBR [yawn]), but for some reason MTV is calling them “hipstras” for a show titled I Just Want My Pants Back. MTV is calling them this to indicate that said hipsters/hipstras get paid! Hipstra = Hipster paid to work in reality TV as an extra = Pretty much right back where we started. Go forth and conquer, Hipstra Nation. We’ll be sitting here thinking “Lenny Dykstra” for no reason at all. [NewYorkShitty]

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