Daniel Bobis, Missing Long Island Surfer, Found Dead in Indonesia


Sad news: Daniel Bobis, the 32-year-old Long Island high school math teacher and surf coach who went missing this weekend while surfing in Indonesia, has been found dead. The Facebook page dedicated to alerting attention to the search and rescue efforts has now become a memorial page, with hundreds of condolences posted from those who knew Danny, including many students, along with others who never met him but have been saddened by his untimely death.

Bobis’ cousin Fernando writes on the page,

“Thank you everyone. From the bottom of my heart. I keep checking my phone, looking back here on Facebook because it means so much to me how strong a response the nightmarish loss of my amazing and beloved cousin Danny generated from the community, within Long Beach, the larger New York area, on Facebook, and worldwide. He was always a… glowing spirit while here with us on Earth. I imagine they must all be having to wear some serious shades up in Heaven where his spirit now glows even brighter. Thank you all for your heartfelt support, prayers & love, on behalf of the family. Now please focus your prayers on Rachel, Bob, Lidia, and Brian’s safe return. The AFP report that Danny’s body will be cremated in Indonesia is not necessarily accurate as final arrangements are still being worked out.”

According to a friend, Sean Pearsall, “After confirming with his family, Daniel Bobis has passed away. No further details have been provided, nor are necessary at this time.” A memorial paddle out that had been planned for Sunday has been postponed.

The AP reports that a local fisherman found Bobis’ body 20 miles from where Bobis was last seen.


Body Found of American Surfer and Teacher Missing in Waters of Indonesia [ABC]