Dish No. 71: The Broccoli, Egg, and Cheese at No. 7 Sub


The combination of Thai basil pesto and ketchup wouldn’t seem to be the most auspicious accompaniment to an egg-and-cheese breakfast sandwich, but at No. 7 Sub, it most certainly is.

The two are more or less a riff on the classic tomato and pesto pairing that has adorned many a pasta dish. Here, they make a sweet, earthy complement to the scrambled eggs, which stand in perfect textural contrast to the pleasantly salty roasted broccoli. The cheese is gouda, which means it’s smoky and sharp, and doesn’t quite melt into the eggs. The bread is a wee bit bland, but serves its most important purpose, which is to get all of the good stuff to your mouth.

No. 7 Sub Shop
1188 Broadway

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