Fourchu, the Kobe Beef of Lobster, Lands at L’Ecole


Fourchu lobsters, caught off the coast of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island, are as sought after as Wagyu beef or jamón Ibérico. If you’ve never sunk your teeth into one, now could be your chance.

The International Culinary Center has secured one shipment of fewer than 1,500 Fourchus to be doled out to a “hand-picked selection of the city’s most successful and renowned chefs,” according to a publicist. The ICC will, of course, keep its share of the rare crustaceans to serve at its restaurant, L’Ecole, on August 2. Then, on August 4, it will host the fanciest lobster cook-off ever when Chef Hervé Malivert and Ed’s Lobster Bar’s Ed McFarland go head-to-head for best Fourchu-centric dish. Take the ICC tour that day and you could be chosen as one of the judges.

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