Frank Ocean Tides Over The Internet With “Thinking About You”


Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia Lite — a reworked, Def Jam-distributed version of his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra — was supposed to be released earlier this week, but the day came and went without anything officially sanctioned landing in those places where one can officially buy music, and with little explanation of when the R&B singer’s maiden effort might actually become available. Today, however, the slinky “Thinking About You” hit the Internet, perhaps as a way of tiding people over. Over a blooming bed of synths, Ocean plays both sides of the cad/lover divide, alternating knowing nods to his possibly duplicitous nature with admissions that he’s been thinking about a long-term future with his ladyfriend. And the way he stretches out his falsetto—into something straining, longing, gorgeous—makes plain the fact that his desires, while prone to shifting, are extremely strong.

Ocean will appear on two tracks on Watch The Throne, the album by The Throne, a.k.a. Jay-Z and Kanye West; that album comes out August 8. For real!