Quitting the Internet Is Like Quitting Drugs, Booze, or Smoking


Do you feel like you might be more committed to the Internet than to your significant other? Do you feel like the Internet might be your significant other? There is nothing wrong with that, or, rather, maybe there’s something “wrong,” in natural human terms, in so much that apparently quitting the Internet is as hard for a person as quitting smoking, drinking, drugs, and/or your greatest undying love, which might well be the Internet. According to a recent study of 1,000 people, 53 percent of them were upset and 40 percent were lonely when they couldn’t get online, even if it was only for a short time.

People described giving up web access as…

-like quitting drinking or smoking
-like having a hand chopped off
-going on a diet
-going cold turkey to break a hard drug habit

Meanwhile, scientists have revealed that people may even suffer withdrawal symptoms when deprived of the Internet.

Solution: Don’t quit the Internet, because then you’ll probably have to take up drinking, smoking, hard drugs, or chopping your hands off, one at a time. Hardly as fun as Facebook, and all those things can kill you. Plus, dude, if your hands are gone, how are you supposed to use the Internet?

People deprived of the internet feel ‘upset and lonely’ and find going offline as hard as quitting smoking or drinking [Daily Mail]