Rachel Weisz Won’t Discuss Daniel Craig


Reporters who were set to work the red carpet for last night’s big screening of The Whistleblower were instructed in advance:

“No personal questions for Rachel Weisz!”

In other words, don’t ask the former partner of Darren Aronofsky about her new marriage to Daniel Craig.

Rachel’s a no-nonsense type with two feet on the ground and no eye for exploitation. In fact, she and Daniel got married in a secret ceremony attended by only four people.

That cut down on the rice budget.

And the Oscar-winning actress hardly needs to trumpet this relationship anyway. It generates its own heat. It talks about itself.

In fact, last night, there was a bank of paparazzi desperate to get a shot of Rachel because her tabloid value has shot through the roof! (This happens every time two big names hook up; their publicity worth multiplies like rabbits.)

Gosh, if I’d hooked such a fine man, I’d be begging for questions about it!

In fact, even without anyone asking, I’d be cornering people in dark alleys to tell them about Daniel and I how snared him and how firm his legs are.