The Creature Behind Snooki’s Success Is a Flatulent Horse


As the fourth season of Jersey Shore creeps upon us like red tide, and we learn more about Bridge & Tunnel, a precursor MTV show that the Shore‘s guido-monsters ate, let us remember how hyperventilating poofball Snooki came to be.

Earlier this year, she told TV Guide that she’d become involved by responding to a “guido” casting call on Facebook. “I decided to try out because the show was definitely about my lifestyle and how I am,” she has said. But before she was shipped off to Seaside Heights to six other greasy cartoons, Polizzi was the main character in an episode of MTV’s inverse-matchmaking reality show Is She Really Going Out With Him? Her July 2009 installment casts the Poughkeepsie native as a “Garden State princess” in a dumb relationship with a “Jerz Pud” who apparently has a weiner that is always popping out of his pants. While that is quite delightful, the real highpoint has to be the awkwardly contrived heart-to-heart she has while inexplicably tending to a farting horse. Yes, this is why the DeBartoli sisters are not rich.