Guess What Stories I’ve Been Pitched This Week?


Think the life of a columnist/blogger is nothing but glamour and gift bags?

Well, it is — sort of — but it also involves sifting through the piles of angsty promotional emails begging for my attention.

Here are the pitches that have passed by my technology in the last week alone.

You decide how glamorous my life is and which ones deserve a poke back.

If any:

* “Call For Therapy, a service that offers to put people in touch with licensed psychologists on the phone, offers Lindsay Lohan unlimited sessions for free.”

* “Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child is working on an event in California for a special needs charity. Would you like to speak to her about it?”

* “What if we told you you could trade lives with Mark Wahlberg for a day? Well, we can’t do that, but we can show you how to dress like him.”

* “Michelle Obama talks about aging gracefully in AARP magazine.”

* “Billy Elliot celebrates National Dance Day with special warmup open to the public.”

* “Fabio challenges the Old Spice Guy to an Internet duel.”

* “Got the official New York state marriage license? Now get the official New York state eau de parfum.”

* “NY Yankees stars give tour of NYC to Haitian refugees.”

* “Leading orthopedic surgeons available for interviews”

* “Kiehl’s, amfAR, and 160 motocycles!”

* “Andrew Streyer, certified gemologist, offers some surprising insight about the financial lifespan of a diamond and gives his own appraisal of what Kat Von D, Kristin Cavalleri and Crystal Harris might get for theirs.”

Jealous yet?